Skin CMS for 3DVista loading in dynamic content from Airtable

Skin CMS for 3DVista loading in dynamic content from Airtable

In this video we will be presenting the Skin CMS for 3DVista. Enabling you to give others permission to edit content that shows up directly inside your published 3DVista tour. And much more to discover!

Learn more about the Skin CMS 👇

Table of Contents:

00:00 - Intro
00:24 - The challenge
01:22 - Blaze Creators presents Skin CMS
02:06 - Step 1: Mapping configuration
02:33 - Step 2: Field mappings
03:49 - Step 3: 3DVista setup
04:18 - Step 4: Triggers
05:19 - Skin CMS: Deskop version
05:56 - Skin CMS: edit content
07:33 - Skin CMS: Mobile version
08:25 - Skin CMS: change 3DVista design
09:28 - Interface for your clients to edit
10:33 - Any API with Airtable & 3DVista
11:10 - Skin CMS Pricing
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Sometimes videos become irrelevant.

I have used both Airtable and Skin CMS. Initially spent 2 to 3 hours familiarizing myself with both. Then I realized how powerful this is and that I prefer not to store multiple content items within 3DVista at all anymore.
This approach has proven it to be extremely beneficial, this helps a lot!



October 19, 2023

The Skin CMS is in live production with one of my clients. I was able to give them access to the Interface in Airtable and they’re able to upload content. I'm actively working with a client 1,400 miles away on their skin content, using the commenting feature in Airtable. This is a game changer.

Jay Salois

360 Experience Creator, VRtical Media

September 18, 2023

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