We have build Virtual Tours for Billion dollar companies.
Both direct and indirect clients.

My story

Journey of 360Creators

2015 - 2019

My first 360 cameras

Starting with a Ricoh Theta M15. Quickly went into others such as the Samsung Gear 360, a Kodak dual 4k, a Z-cam S1, Rico Theta S and eventually a Qoocam 8k. With those cameras I started 360 video productions to capture weddings, shoot Google Streetview tour and capture business events.

2020 • April

3DVista Meet-ups

I was very active in the 3DVista Facebook group. At some point someone asked if there were any 3DVista Meetups. There weren't, so Ronald started to organize one. It was such a succes that more Meetups were getting organized. In the meetups we were actively sharing knowledge with each other to see how we could put 3DVista tours to the next level.

2020 • June

Tutorials tutorials tutorials

As Ronald was trying to help as much as possible, many questions started to look very similar. To be more efficient in answering questions, the idea started to arise to create tutorials. So that only a link was needed to answer a question in the group on Facebook. At some point Ronald started a 40 Day Tutorial Challenge to create a new tutorial every single day.

2021 • August

Launch of Leap8 Pro community

Now having created lots of videos, the idea was there to bring creators together who were willing to help each other out in a professional matter in a closed environment together with Roel.

2021 • November


From answering questions in a Facebook group, we got invited by Facebook themselves to have them as our direct client. This enabled us to think at a complete different level of tour creation. In this period Facebook transformed into Meta.


No-code databases & automations

No-code tools are tools that are easy to use and do not require code. Tools such as Airtable, Make, Webflow, 3DVista. I've learned how to think with data, setting up bases and transitioning from one to another tool.



No-code tools are cool, up to a certain moment. The dark side of no-coding is the dependency, related to data-privacy, price-increases, feature-removal, server downtime. Constantly happening in all sorts of no-code tools. Finding open-source alternatives that can be hosted on your own server that are still relatively no-code, become more interesting.


Powerfull mix

Turning the experiences of 360 tours, no-code, automations and self-hosting into a powerfull mix together with a strong community network.

Creation of Virtual Tours that are set to scale

Turning Virtual Tours into Web Applications

Customer testimonials

Thank you for all the work that you have done for us this year. You and your team were great partners, and we couldn't have accomplished everything we did without your help..

Boaz Ashkenazy

XR Program Manager, Meta

March 22, 2023

Ronald helped a lot with my custom needs even after he delivered the project. If you find his contact through his Youtube channel, then I believe you can trust him to meet your requirements

Ted Lin

October 17, 2023

I am delighted to write a review for the work that Ronald did for our company. We recently collaborated with Ronald to develop a custom back-end system for a project, and I must say that we were thoroughly impressed with his expertise and problem-solving skills.
Ronald's ability to comprehend and solve our complex challenges was truly impressive, and he was able to provide us with effective solutions that allowed us to deliver a remarkable product to our client. He clearly stands out as a knowledge expert who can effectively balance the needs of the client with the technological requirements of a 360 degree based platform.
Overall, we were extremely satisfied with Ronald's work and would recommend him without hesitation to anyone seeking an expert in this field. His knowledge and attention to detail are second to none, and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

Andries Pretorius


April 17, 2023

Not all of our best works are presented in here due to signed NDAs or other type of agreements.
Our values

What we stand for

Most values have opposited balances.
The balances below are the things we lean more into.

💿 Self-hosting

You can play your music from a CD, stream your music from Spotify or stream your music from your own server. If Spotify server goes down, you can still play your music from your CD or from your own server. With self-hosting comes responsibility. If something goes wrong, you can fix it yourself. Or wait for someone else to fix the Spotify server.

🔆 Open-source

Open source whereever it is possible. With selecting your tools & solutions as well as having an open source mentality as a person.

📝 Professionalism

We do what we say. We communicate when we don't know or hestitate about something. We are on time for meetings and deadlines. Positive language is extremely important to us. Communicating about what is possible and the challanges to overcome.

My method

How I like to work

Most values have opposited balances.
The balances below are the things I lean more into.


Fill out the Sales Form

I will need to be mindful about whom we work with. As a pragmatic thinker I like to know upfront a few more details to streamline the process right from the start. Who'm from my network to include into each project.



I will get back to you within 24 hours on workdays.


Meeting call

If I think I can help out, I send over a link to schedule some time with us to sit on a videocall for our first meeting. In here we further discuss and clarify your needs more in depth.


Setup the deal

After the meeting call, I usually have a clear idea of your needs. This is my time to send back our offer to you.
I prefer to work hourly with a starter pack of hours which is paid upfront. Usually between 5 and 10 hours at 150eu hourly. This way we can be as practical right from the start. Once the package of hours is used, I can either continue hourly or offer a fixed price for the overall project.


During the project

The project gets a go! We determine how to share files, whether that's on your side or from my side through nextcloud. For communication I prefer to use email, video screenrecordings and scheduling calls through scheduling-links. If you have decided to work on time, I will send a live time-tracker link to keep track of the time. It's possible to get notified at certain amount of hours.


After the project

We've reached what was needed, it's time to high five! We arrange the final payment, send over all the files that are needed and it's time to celebrate! I always like to ask for a testimonial, if I can use your logo and your clients logo on my website and if I am able to include the work in my portfolio. If not, that's totally fine. I understand non-disclosures.


Let's go