360Creators Community

Working collaboratively. Online.

Working together in the online world is different from working together in the physical world. One of the many great things of working online, is that you can move anywere physically and keep making your income. If you would like that to happen. However, in both worlds you need trustworthiness. One of the best ways, to our opinion, gaining trustworthiness, is to show up in online communities that are niched down to what you like doing. Surround yourself with more energetic, positive minded people and you increase your chances of succes.
The 360Creators Community is one of those places.

💬 Community

Here's where we post things and communicate indirectly. Similar to a group on Facebook, but self-hosted on 360Creators server. Posting things is a way to communicate whenever anyone is available.

  • Ask & Help each other out
  • Ask vendors from the market about their products & services.
  • Find freelancers for your projects or find projects to work on.
  • Share your creations which you're proud of.
  • Build online trustworthiness and join inner circles over time.
  • Send direct messages to other community members.
  • Connect with others and build long term relationships.

👾 Virtual Office

Here's where we have video calls and communicate directly.

  • Office Hours to ask anything to a creator happen in our meeting room.
  • Some of us like to hang around here while they work, just to be around. This creates sometimes very nice spontenous meetings.
  • When working with other creators, we can have our own desk and when we need, we just walk to the other person to talk directly.
  • When an event ends, the organizer can move away and other creators can talk with each other directly, moving away from the meeting room elsewere.
  • Sometimes our clients like to hop in and ask us directly a question about the project we're working on.

⛏️ Resources

We've created a lot of content over the years which is organized and available for free. In both tutorials as well as tricks. Such as Video Tutorials, Tips & Tricks & Blogposts.

What our community creators say about our community

Roel & Ronald helped me understand that I had to focus again on certain clients instead of doing everything for everyone. The result: finally clients signing contracts.

Theodor Parris

3DVista Creator, Greece360

A fresh and exciting leap into the future of 3DVista capabilities with a vibrant, diverse and creative group of VR professionals who can follow the lead of some of the most experienced practitioners in the field - who all have in common that they have a general need and desire to support, challenge and help each other when they can and be proactive within this community - to expand exponentially together on all that is possible.


Marketeer, Designer

I wanted to thank the early group for their continued encouragement. It really means a lot. I especially want to thank Boaz and Jasper for ideas and encouragement. I'm also looking forward to connecting more with Andries. It will probably be another two months, but as soon as I have something to show, I will post it here in Leap8.

Orin Levy

Executive Producer

Leap8 essentially fills in the gaps in a creator's knowledge allowing for the full breadth of what that creator is capable of to soar higher than they could alone. The collaboration, sense of community support, and sheer proficiency of technical know-how is simultaneously awe-inspiring and creatively motivating. I highly recommend the Leap 8 community to any 360 creator looking for growth.

Mat Cortez

Virtual Tour Creator, MaticusMedia360

Anoop Bhaskar