Understanding video preview

Using video/audio and when hitting PAUSE, it STOPS instead? Check the preview method you're using. No need to continue reading if you've never set previewer to browser.

It will be corrected when publishing the tour  

When using your browser as the "Open Preview in Default Browser" (Options > Preferences), this happens due to using localhost:8888/index.html.


So even though this happens, when you publish the tour, the PAUSE = PAUSE will happen correctly.


I'd still like to get that preview right without publishing everytime

If you want to have the preview right, meaning PAUSE = PAUSE for both video & audio, then use the built-in preview of 3DVista. So go back to your preferences and uncheck that box.


Preview mobile version built-in previewer shortcut

If you're wondering how to see mobile inside the built-in preview of 3DVista (as I always only used F12 which didn't show mobile version), you'll need to use CTRL+SHIFT+I.


Or use this shortcut on the orange preview button to switch previewers

If you don't want to change that setting in the preference menu, then instead of clicking on the orange preview button, you can CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK on the orange preview button to swap preview in between built-in and browser preview.

Hope it helps! It took me some time to fully understand this.

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Ronald van der Weijden
June 3, 2022

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