🗓 360Creators Meetup

Hey everyone 😁

I would like to announce that the Leap8 Community turns into 360Creators Community.

Over the time we've gathered a lot of knowledge together, in Tutorials, posts here in Circle, posts on Facebook, meetups and more. However, most of that knowledge also gets lost into all the various places. That's why the 360Creators website is going to be fully upgraded where all the knowledge is gathered into one place.

Beside that there's some epic products we're working on behind the scenes that changes most of our workflows in 3DVista fundamentally.

All of this took a lot of time in terms of learning how to organize, mastering various tools and being aware where the risks are with each tool related to who's hosting and protecting what.

I'll be hosting a new meetup for next week to further dive into this new stage of 360Creators.

Date and time
May 19, 2023
CET (Europe, Berlin)