Customer Journeys for Virtual Tours | Part 1 - A.I.D.A. w/ Ruud van Leeuwen

This will be the first interactive workshop to see if we could together create more of a intent based approach to go through a virtual tour: Creating Customer journeys for the visitors of the tours of our clients.

Basically: Going from beginning to middle to end as a user / visitor. So with certain end goals in mind, following a couple of paths.

Only catch... It is starting at 16.00 CET - Wednesday, the 18th of May...

Yes, a bit late... Hopefully some of you can make it. Otherwise we could re-schedule to next wednesday, the 25th.

First, I will give a problem-solution analyses for VTs, with some research based marketing conclusions and some hypotheticals, into why i feel the customer journey is needed in VT Creation. As a follow up on micro-interactions (search for it in the community).

With the goal that we as creators build better experiences for the audiences of our customers. Hopefully, in a more consistent manner, saving time, energy and other production costs (money?) in the process. As 3dvista's VT Pro is somewhat a maze in and of itself, IT could give some process guidance.

To keep this first workshop simple to get the jist of a purposeful journey creation - as a foundational improvement, we will discuss what type of interactions/messages could be best placed in each of the 4 to 5 phase model of A.I.D.A.(A).

So for each VT category applicable...

Hopefully creating categorical buckets of content for each phase, so we can create menu items. Like a four to five course meal that leads to fulfillment of the visitor. And with a specific action towards a certain goal.

Later on we could expand on the customer journey on follow up workshops 2 and 3 in some storytelling, gamification, customer persona building and - if possible - the management of customer journeys using a specialised CJ management tool (free for a couple customer journeys).

And some other fun stuff...

Bringing the tours hopefully from a business oriented to customer oriented experience. Hopfully later on measurable by using data analytics, tying it back to business goals.

Most of the theory is ready to present. As it is also a research document as a reference.Yet, the idea of these interactive workshops is that not everything is set in stone...

We can discuss and think of our own journey creations and share our insights and experiences based on the VT building and other experiences.

Hopefully some of you will make it and i will see you tomorrow! 😊👍🏻

Date and time
May 18, 2022
CET (Europe, Berlin)