Building a 3DVista CMS

I'll be explaining how to set up a CMS using Airtable & Webflow, get that synced up using Nobull and embedding all of the content inside 3DVista.

Monthly cost (yearly is cheaper as usually, but I'll just mention the cancel monthly anytime prices):

• $24 Airtable per base per user. If client doesn't access, you can manage it yourself with 1 subscription.

• $20 Webflow per site. You can decide to host all the content on your own cms domain to stick with 1 subscription. Or you can have a subscription per client. With Webflow you can forward the bill with your own commission automatically to the client.

• $0 Nobull. Nobull is still in bèta since February 2021. Yet they are created by a really awesome sharing company (Finsweet). They can and probably will setup pricing in the future, but will be reasonable, and probably only for those syncing high volume bulks of content. Yet this is unclear.

Monthly savings & growth:

• Saving yourself from easily 10+ hours monthly making changes in 3DVista

• No more duplicate design changes in 3DVista (changing a button's color and repeating that process for 100 buttons for example)

• Making it easy for your client to "just" change that one image and have it corrected everywhere it's appearing.

• Scale up your Virtual Tour creation process by eventually replacing a bunch of URLs, images and titles. This is the end goal.

It will be recorded to watch back later.

PreperationsYou don't have to pay for Airtable & Webflow to get started with learning and attending this call. However it might be a bit easier if you do so and want to follow along. If you decide to do so, make sure you already have a domain or subdomain added to the Webflow account, otherwise embedding of the pages within 3DVista won't be possible yet.

So feel free to make those choices later.

Date and time
December 2, 2021
CET (Europe, Berlin)