Building a Netflix style 3DVista skin [part 1]

In this online event Ronald will be working on building a 3DVista skin based on the Netflix user interface.

It's about recognizing which elements and UX things are interesting and how to built that within 3DVista VT Pro.

Ronald will be building it while thinking out loud as it's being built.

List of objectives to go through:

• User selection & showing the relevant information to the user based on tags

• Building a full screen viewer• with readable buttons and text on the left side

• with buttons on the bottom right side to mute

• Building a top menu divided into three sections• Logo (left)

• 6 items (left)

• 3 icons (right)

• Having the right hover effects on each button

• Rollout submenus

• Scrolling down within the skin

• Building one item group• Hover effect showing certain elements such as >

• Images within the group with rounded corners

• On each item to show a video preview

• On each item to show different set of buttons

• Duplicating the item groups

• Clicking on the group item to open up a collection page item (playing the movie)

This event will be recorded. It will very likely become a weekly recurring event.

Date and time
November 24, 2021
CET (Europe, Berlin)